Little Rabbit’s New Baby


There’s always something wonderful happening at Little Rabbit’s house. In Little Rabbit’s New Baby, Mama is having a furry little baby, and Little Rabbit is so excited, he hugs Mama’s tummy and begs the baby to come out and play.

Of course, that doesn’t speed things up, so while Little Rabbit waits, he imagines all the fun things he will teach his new brother or sister, and all the games they will play. But when Little Rabbit visits the over-crowded rabbit hospital, he gets a surprise: Mama doesn’t have one baby, she has three!

Little Rabbit loves his new siblings and can’t wait to hug and kiss them. But to his surprise, they cry and cry! When he tries to play with them, they cry so loud, Little Rabbit gets in trouble for waking them up. And when he tries to feed them, they throw their carrots on the floor and make a mess. Suddenly, the babies aren’t as much fun as Little Rabbit thought they were. They get him into all sorts of trouble with Papa and Mama Rabbit, and they get their sticky paws all over his toys.

When Little Rabbit decides not to play with them anymore, he gets yet another surprise. The babies cry and won’t quiet down for anyone except Little Rabbit. And nothing will do when they get sleepy, except that Little Rabbit rocks them to sleep.

The late Harry Horse had a wonderful knack of tuning in to the loves, joys, fears and adventures of very young children. In addition, his illustrations were (and still are) sweet, colorful and full of the perfect amount of cotton-tailed goodness to round the story out.

For a wonderful and enduring tale about family, sibling rivalry and growing up, be sure to read Little Rabbit’s New Baby.

Best wishes and happy reading,

Rita Lorraine
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