Little Rabbit’s Christmas


It’s Christmas time, and Little Rabbit has his little bunny eyes on a beautiful red sled that goes,“Whoosh!”

In Little Rabbit’s Christmas, by Harry Horse, The Christmas Rabbit (a rabbit’s version of Santa Claus) grants Little Rabbit’s wish and leaves a red sled for him on Christmas morning. Little Rabbit shows his precious red sled to all his friends and family and they love it. They want to ride it, too, but Little Rabbit can’t seem to make himself share.

“You’re too big,” he tells some of his friends. “You’re too small,” he tells others.

At last, selfish Little Rabbit takes his precious sled far away so no one will ask for a ride. But when he takes a breathless ride down a steep hill and the sled goes, “CRASH,” Little Rabbit is in big trouble. The sled is broken and there’s no one around to help him fix it. What will happen now? How will he get it home? Oh, if only Little Rabbit hadn’t been so mean to his friends!

The late Harry Horse had a wonderful knack of capturing the loves, joys and mishaps of very young children. In addition, his illustrations were (and still are) wonderfully sweet, colorful and full of the perfect amount of cotton-tailed goodness to round the story out.

For a wonderful and enduring tale about sharing and understanding, be sure to read Little Rabbit’s Christmas.

Best wishes and happy bunny-hopping–er, I mean, reading.

Rita Lorraine
Picture Book Depot


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