Most people can’t tolerate a lot of hogwash…unless it happens to be a book called Hogwash, by New York Times bestselling author Karma Wilson.

Hogwash is the story of a thrifty and hardworking farmer named Farmer (haha), who is bitten by the cleaning bug one fine day in May. Intent on tweaking his livestock’s personal hygiene, Farmer lathers up the wash pail and works himself into a scrubbing frenzy. All the animals enjoy their baths and everything goes smoothly, until Farmer reaches for the pigs.

Farmer’s plump, pork-ish, fun-loving pigs could care less that Farmer has an agenda and they’re fouling it up. After scribbling a sign that says, “NOOOO,” and placing it on the gate for all the world to see, they engage in some of the cutest and muddiest capers you’ve ever seen.

They ignore Farmer when he pretends to be a pizza guy delivering pizza, and they use rain boots and umbrellas when Farmer turns the hose on them. No matter how many clever ideas Farmer comes up with, the pigs outsmart him.

But then Farmer hatches the perfect plan to get the pigs clean and his work load behind him. Only something goes wrong and Farmer ends up wallowing in all that smooth, cool, creamy mud with his pigs…and discovers that mud isn’t so bad after all.

It’s easy to love this book. It is written completely in verse, and is one of the few rhyming books I’ve read that doesn’t appear to have a rhythmic flaw in it. The dialogue is funny, and New York Times bestselling Illustrator Jim McMullan’s drawings are colorful, kid-friendly and piggishly clever.

If you like premium pork that can out-think a human, be sure to read Hogwash by Karma Wilson.

Best wishes and happy oinking!

Rita Lorraine


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