Dance, Y’all, Dance!


Longing for the good-old-days? You can relive them. Just pick up a copy of author Kelly Bennett’s new book, Dance, Y’all, Dance, and you can re-claim those wonderful times—and dance the two-step in the process.

Dance, Y’all, Dance, is lovely through-and-through. It tells the story of that long-ago time in America when hard-working members of the community came together on a steamy Saturday night and shared a little knee-slapping and foot-stomping with their neighbors. When teen-age boys winked at the girls they liked, and the girls blushed with excitement at the possibility of doing the two-step with the boy of their dreams.

Bennett’s style is lyrical and romantic, with just enough whimsy to whisk your mind back to yester-year. Terri Murphy’s heart-warming illustrations have just enough Norman Rockwell-ish flavoring to give readers that “everybody’s-welcome-at-the-barn-dance” feel. The result: the perfect marriage of nostalgic text and sentimental illustrations, which make for an unforgettable read.

So go on, hurry back to the good-old-days of boot-scooting barn-dances on a humid Saturday night. Click on the icon on the right and order your own copy of Dance, Y’all, Dance.

Best wishes and happy reading,

Rita Lorraine
Picture Book Depot


    • Hey Kelly, I just love your books! Sometimes have a hard time passing them on to the kiddies, too, lol. I know you have a new book hot off the press, and I can’t wait to tell my readers all about it. STAY TUNED, PICTURE BOOK LOVERS!
      Rita Lorraine


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